Find out what home you could afford to buy with our Your Home calculator...

Your Home Affordability Indicator
Annual basic household income
Annual income from regular overtime, bonus, commission etc.
Total annual household income
Number of dependent children
Monthly loan or credit card payments
Other monthly payments - child care, pension, travel etc.
(exclude housing related costs such as rent or mortgage payments)

If you have a larger cash deposit you could choose to buy a more expensive home than the figure shown above...   

For example, if the calculator above displayed a £250,000 property and a minimum £25,000 deposit but you have £75,000 then you could buy 25% of a £300,000 home.

How so?...  The maximum unpurchased share value from the calculator is £250,000 less £25,000 = £225,000. Given the larger cash deposit of £75,000 the total property value that can be funded is £225,000 plus £75,000 = £300,000.

Remember... you need at least 10% cash deposit for any property you wish to buy.