Your Home... brought to you by heylo

heylo housing Limited (heylo) will purchase the freehold property and will then sell you the share you have chosen to buy via a shared ownership lease on the same day.

heylo is a joint venture with a leading UK Local Authority, an investment manager regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and a team of residential property specialists.

heylo is backed by significant pension fund investment, and has already acquired over 800 shared ownership affordable housing properties in more than 80 Local Authorities.

heylo housing maintains market leading standards of customer care via long term contracts for day to day customer and property management with housing association partners regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency.  For Your Home properties heylo will employ a leading housing association, Guinness Housing Association, to collect the Your Home monthly rent payments.

heylo housing is a member of the National Landlords Association and the Guild of Residential Landlords as well as an Associate Member of the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

As a private landlord, heylo housing strives to increase the supply of UK affordable housing and demonstrate consistent, fair, effective and efficient operations delivering high quality outcomes for customers and stakeholders over the very long term.

For more information on heylo visit our corporate website by clicking here